born in glasgow, scotland in 1952. studied at glasgow school of art 1969 - 1972.

lived and worked in france, belgium and california - when i still had the mind and body of an elegant and dangerous prince. artist in residence at london's troubadour coffee house 2004 - 2006.

house specials: painting angels in a cold shed. writing short novels about redemption and pretence. sailing paper boats. fooling around with jack kerouac's ghost. refusing to stop loving a tall girl i met once in a bar in a dream. watching ducks on a pond whilst counting stars. battering the sun with a stick. king of swords - king of dust.

i wrote the wrong hospital late in 2013. then i wrote the bomb-hill poets early in 2014. now senior professor of poetry and literature at the firebird school of poetry.

:see you in church - garry gilchrist, august 2014

I live alone with a pantomime horse, stampeding cattle, the birds of the sky and the howling of wolves in rivers of stars in her blood.....

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